The Instituto de Salud Carlos III awards subvention grants to four projects of the Sant Pau Memory Unit

The Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Institute of Health Carlos III) has awarded subvention grants to four research projects submitted by the Sant Pau Memory Unit in the 2018 call for Health Research and Development Strategy in the modality of Proyectos de Investigación en Salud (Health Research Projects). This is an annual national competitive call that funds the best rated projects on different health areas.

The subventions will be effective as from january 2019, and the projects are planned to be completed in three years.

These are the projects that will be funded:

  • PI18/00326 – Transcriptomic study of frontotemporal dementia to understand its molecular bases and identification of biomarkers that reflect its neuropathological substrate in vivo (Principal Investigator: Dr. Jordi Clarimón).


  • PI18/00327 – Multimodal study of novel synaptic biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia cohorts (Principal Investigator: Dra. Olivia Belbin).


  • PI18/00335 – Study of biochemical and imaging biomarkers of cerebral amyloid angiopathy in the continuum of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease and in association with Down syndrome (Principal Investigator: Dra. María Carmona).


  • PI18/00435 – Diagnostic utility of Aβ42 and Aβ42/40 in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma to detect cerebral amyloidosis, and correlation with surrogate markers of β-amyloid production in Alzheimer’s disease
    (Principal Investigator: Dr. Daniel Alcolea).


Instituto de Salud Carlos III - ISCIII


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