Laia Gasull

Laia Gasull - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Laia Gasull obtained her graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 2020. She has been trained as a neuropsychologist with the Postgraduate degree “Child Neuropsychology and Neurology of Behavior” (UAB – 2021). She completed her training with the Master’s degree in “Neuropsychology and Neurology of Behavior” (UAB – 2022) and the Expertise degree … Read more

Former Members

Former Group Members - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Hospital Sant Pau - Barcelona

  Teresa Gómez-Isla Cristina Guardia-Laguarta Marta Pera Núria Setó Lídia Serenó Bibiana Da Rocha Jose Agullo Inés Martín-Matas Marta Rodríguez Laura Molina-Porcel Marta Marquié Estela Lázaro Sofía Antón Núria Vidal Mireia Coma Maria Pilar Sáinz Nahuai Badiola Marc Suárez-Calvet Joan Luque Martí Colom-Cadena Estrella Morenas-Rodríguez Lidia García Losada Eduard Vilaplana Laura Cervera-Carles Raúl Núñez Laia … Read more

Alexandre Bejanin

Alexandre Bejanin - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Dr Alexandre Bejanin is a Miguel Servet research fellow whose primary research focuses on combining distinct neuroimaging modalities with studying the pathophysiological processes involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as genetic and sporadic Alzheimer’s disease. Likewise, he leads the neuroimaging laboratory within the Memory Unit. Dr Bejanin received his degree in Neuropsychology (Université de Caen, France, … Read more

Concepción Padilla

Concepción Padilla-Sant Pau Memory Unit-Alzheimer-Barcelona

Dr. Concepcion Padilla is a Sara Borrell researcher interested in the early detection of dementia in Down syndrome. To this end, she works developing computerized tests and investigating in the neuroimaging biomarkers that can facilitate the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in this population. Dr. Padilla has a degree in Psychology by the Autonomous University … Read more

Bessy Benejam

Bessy Benejam - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Alzheimer Research - Barcelona

Bessy Benejam completed her studies in Psychology at the University of Barcelona. Between 2000 and 2003, she performed a master in Clinical Neuropsychology (at the same university), and carried out her practical training at the departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry of Bellvitge University Hospital. In 2003, she awarded a grant to carry out a … Read more

Sílvia Valldeneu

Silvia Valldeneu - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Sílvia Valldeneu obtained her graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 2015. She completed her Neuropsychology Master’s program “Neuropsychology: Neuropsychological Diagnosis and Rehabilitation” at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (UAB) and the Official Master’s program “Master’s in Neuropsychology” (UOC) in 2018. She has completed training periods in the Clinical … Read more