Laia Lidón

Dr. Laia Lidón received her degree in Biochemistry at the University of Barcelona (UB). In 2016 she obtained the interuniversity Master’s degree in Neuroscience by the UB, UPF, UdL and URV. In 2020 she obtained her PhD in Biomedicine from the UB. She developed her thesis under the supervision of Prof. José Antonio del Río … Read more

Oriol Lorente

Oriol Lorente - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Oriol Lorente has been a laboratory technician since 2013. He graduated in nursing in 2017 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 2021, he obtained a Master’s degree in Management and Direction at the European University of Madrid. His career as a nurse has led him to work in different health centers in Catalonia, including … Read more

World Down Syndrome Day

Down - World Down Syndrome Day - Barcelona

Today, March 21, the Memory Unit and the Alzheimer Down Unit celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Because diversity enriches, we work to achieve an inclusive and equal world for everyone.

Former Members

Former Group Members - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Hospital Sant Pau - Barcelona

  Teresa Gómez-Isla Cristina Guardia-Laguarta Marta Pera Núria Setó Lídia Serenó Bibiana Da Rocha Jose Agullo Inés Martín-Matas Marta Rodríguez Laura Molina-Porcel Marta Marquié Estela Lázaro Sofía Antón Núria Vidal Mireia Coma Maria Pilar Sáinz Nahuai Badiola Marc Suárez-Calvet Joan Luque Martí Colom-Cadena Estrella Morenas-Rodríguez Lidia García Losada Eduard Vilaplana Laura Cervera-Carles Raúl Núñez Laia … Read more

Susanna Clos

Susanna Clos - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Susanna Clos Batet was graduated in Psychology in the UAB in 1998 and completed a Master in Music Therapy in the UB in 2009. Since 2000 she has been part of the staff of the Sleep Laboratory of the Institute for Biomedical Research of the Institute of Research at the Hospital de la Santa Creu … Read more

Daniel Reyes

Daniel Reyes - Sant Pau Memory Unit

Daniel Reyes obtained the Advanced Professional degree in Multiplatform Application Development in Monlau Educational Center in 2021. During the last year of the course he had the opportunity to do an internship with the Sant Pau Memory Unit, to update and develop the research database as well as data management application. In October 2021 he … Read more