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Medical training for health professionals

The Sant Pau Memory Unit offers rotations for residents in Neurology and other medical specialties during or after their residency program, as well as for other health professionals related with neurodegenerative dementias and cognitive and behavioural neurology. This rotation includes an intense clinical experience, exposure to clinical research programs and formal educational lectures. Training occurs primarily through interactions with the multidisciplinary Sant Pau Memory Unit.
Clinical training education includes attending our memory clinic consults, in which the trainee will learn about the general management of patients with Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative dementias, and also in specialized clinics on dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia and Down syndrome. Besides this clinical training, all trainees are encouraged to engage in active research programs that include neuropsychology, functional and structural neuroimaging or fluid biomarkers.

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International Visiting Scholars

The Sant Pau Memory Unit is pleased to receive physicians, psychologists and other health professionals from around the world. Visiting scholars are welcome to join our team and observe a variety of cases in our clinic and/or potentially collaborate in ongoing research projects at the Memory Unit. Over the last 10 years we have trained more than 30 international residents and health professionals from Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and other countries.
A fluent level of Spanish is required to be an observer in our memory clinic.

Join the Alzheimer laboratory

The Alzheimer laboratory regularly receives master students, graduate students and researchers interested in rotations/sabbaticals focused in neurobiology of dementias. The most frequent specialties include biology, biotechnology, genetics and engineering. Visitors will join the group and participate actively in any of the current lines of research in the laboratory.
Although a working level of Spanish/Catalan is advised, it is not required to join the Alzheimer laboratory. Clinical and scientific lectures are held in English.

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