Tesis doctoral - Illán-Gala - Frontotemporal - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Ignacio Illán-Gala defends his doctoral thesis on frontotemporal degeneration

Today, Ignacio Illán-Gala has defended his Doctoral Thesis entitled “Pathophysiological and structural underpinnings of frontotemporal lobar degeneration: a multimodal biomarker study“, co-directed by Dr. Alberto Lleó and Dr. Juan Fortea.

This exceptional work is the result of the investigation in frontotemporal degeneration from a clinical and physiopathological approach. In this thesis, Dr. Ignacio Illán-Gala has deepened in the study of structural, microstructural and biochemical changes detectable in patients with syndromes related to this disease, providing valuable tools for the diagnosis and evaluation of these patients.

Dr. Illán-Gala was recently selected as an “Atlantic Fellow” 2019 within the GBHI program and in the coming months, he will begin a stay at the Memory and Aging Center of the University of California, San Francisco, where he will continue this research line.

Doctoral Thesis - Illán-Gala - Frontotemporal - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Barcelona

Congratulations, doctor!

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