Estrella Morenas defends her Doctoral Thesis

Estrella Morenas has defended today her Doctoral Thesis entitled “Multimodal biomarkers studies in the continuum Dementia with Lewy bodies – Alzheimer’s disease“. The academical act of defense of her doctoral thesis has taken place at the Hospital de Sant Pau.

Morenas - Lewy - Tesis Doctoral

This work, directed by Dr. Alberto Lleó and Dr. Juan Fortea, deepens into clinical aspects that allow to define different subtypes in dementia with Lewy bodies, studies the sleep disorders related to this disease, and evaluates glial markers related to neuroinflammation phenomena. With her exposition, Estrella Morenas has obtained the highest mark.

Dr. Morenas continues her postdoctoral training in Munich to go in depth in the study of neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases.

Congratulations Dr. Morenas!!

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