Roser Ribosa defends her doctoral thesis on music therapy and cognitive rehabilitation in Parkinson’s

Roser Ribosa has defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Non-pharmacological therapies in the rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease: Comparison of music therapy and cognitive training” .

This work has been directed by Dr. Javier Pagonabarraga and Dr. Jaume Kulisevsky, both researchers of the Movement Disorders Unit at Hospital de Sant Pau, and tutored by Dr. Carles Roig. In the study, Dr. Ribosa compared the efficacy of music therapy and cognitive rehabilitation in the evolution of gait disorders and the cognitive and behavioral symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease in a cohort of more than 80 patients evaluated at baseline and after 6 months.

Congratulations Doctor Ribosa!!

Doctoral Thesis - Roser Ribosa - Music therapy - Cognitive Rehabilitation - Parkinson

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