Alexandre Bejanin

Alexandre Bejanin - Sant Pau Memory Unit - BarcelonaDr Alexandre Bejanin is a Miguel Servet research fellow whose primary research focuses on combining distinct neuroimaging modalities with studying the pathophysiological processes involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as genetic and sporadic Alzheimer’s disease. Likewise, he leads the neuroimaging laboratory within the Memory Unit.

Dr Bejanin received his degree in Neuropsychology (Université de Caen, France, 2010) and completed his PhD in socioemotional impairment in frontotemporal dementia at Inserm (Unit 1077, France, 2014). In 2015, he performed a postdoctoral stay at the Memory and Aging Center (University of California, San Francisco, USA) to study tau imaging techniques in distinct neurodegenerative disorders. In late 2016, he obtained a research fellowship to continue his multimodal neuroimaging investigations in Dr Gaël Chételat’s team (Inserm U1237, Caen, France). In 2018, he performed a 6-months training fellowship at the Mayo Clinic Department of Neurology (Rochester, USA) to conduct clinicopathological studies combining imaging with autopsy data. Dr Alexandre Bejanin has published numerous research articles in high-impact international peer-reviewed journals and presented his work at several international conferences.

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