Recommendations to protect people with Down syndrome against COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak COVID-19, which has been listed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, affects especially vulnerable people and those with previous illnesses.

While there is still no evidence on how coronavirus COVID-19 disease affects people with Down syndrome, we know that, in general, people with Down syndrome may have some underlying factors that could affect their response to infection with the coronavirus. People with Down syndrome have a lower active response from their immune system and may respond more slowly than the general population, an effect that is more pronounced with aging. Therefore, people with Down syndrome may be at increased risk for the adverse effects associated with COVID-19 infection.

More than ever, it is important to ensure that vulnerable people are kept safe and that they are given the same access to testing and treatment as anyone else. Here are some general recommendations from the Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS) that might be of help:

General recommendations to protect people with Down syndrome from COVID-19 pandemics

Furthermore, a commission from the T21RS has designed and implemented a survey for families and health professionals to study the possible risk factors in these people, due to their comorbidities.


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