Advanced Therapies

Advanced therapies - Sant Pau Memory Unit - Alzheimer Research - Barcelona
In the Sant Pau Memory Unit, we have a team that is specifically dedicated to the development of advanced therapies that are offered through clinical trials. This team consists of neurologists, neuropsychologists and a research nurse. Their aim is to offer new drugs under development to all patients that could potentially benefit from them. Most of the studies are coordinated at an international level and are focused on Alzheimer’s disease.

It has been proposed that the best treatment strategy against Alzheimer’s disease would be to slow down the natural evolution of the disease by reducing the brain amyloid load. To achieve this, two approaches are currently under trial. The first involves administration of drugs that block one of the enzymes (beta-secretase or BACE) responsible for producing amyloid and the second is based on inmunotherapy (active vaccine or antibodies) that could foster the clearance of the amyloid protein.

Besides anti-amyloid drugs, the Sant Pau Memory Unit collaborates in the development of other treatment strategies, both with drugs aimed to alleviate the problems caused by the disease (symptomatic treatments) and with treatments oriented to slow down the disease by other mechanisms.

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