Sara Serrano Requena

Sara Serrano RequenaSara Serrano Requena received her degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in 2021 and specialised in tissue regeneration during her final year. She did her final degree project at the Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (CBIT) of the UPV on the growth and stimulation of nerve cells for nerve regeneration. In 2022 she completed her Master’s degree in Translational Biomedical Research at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research (VHIR), during which she carried out her Master’s final project at the Memory Unit of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau for the study of biomarkers and inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease.

Sara is currently working as a research technician in the study of inflammatory biomarkers in Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease.