Miguel Ángel Santos

Miguel Ángel Santos - Sant Pau Memory Unit - BarcelonaDr. Miguel Ángel Santos obtained his medical degree at the University of Salamanca and completed the Neurology residency (2008-2012) at the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, Spain. Afterwards, he obtained funding from the Alfonso Martin Escudero Foundation to complete a two-year clinical research fellowship at the Memory and Aging Center at the University of California San Francisco and continued for two more years as an employee associated to projects on Primary Progressive Aphasia (Dr. Gorno-Tempini) and Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (Dr. Gil Rabinovici). He obtained his PhD in Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and in 2017 he received a “Rio Hortega” grant to return to Barcelona where he joined the Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit at the Institut d’Investigació Biomédica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL) and Fundació ACE Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center. In January 2019, Dr. Santos joined the Sant Pau Memory Unit as a faculty Neurologist thanks to a “Juan Rodés” grant.

In his professional career, Dr. Miguel Ángel Santos has combined his clinical activity with his research focused on improving early diagnosis and disease monitoring in neurodegenerative disease. His methodology involves identification of novel clinical, biologic, and neuroimaging biomarkers. He is especially interested in the design of novel neuropsychological and psychophysical behavioral measures studying language, praxis, socio-emotional cognition and other cognitive and behavioral symptoms across different disease syndromes.