Anna Campabadal

Anna CampabadalDr. Anna Campabadal has a degree in Psychology from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from the UB and a Master’s degree in Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She completed her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Carme Junqué and Dr. Bàrbara Segura in the Neuropsychology Group of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UB. She performed a 6-months internship at the group led by Dr. Thilo Van Eimeren at Multimodal Neuroimaging Cologne Group, Department of Nuclear Medicine, University of CologneHer scientific research focuses on neuroimaging techniques to study the preclinical stages of Parkinson’s disease and other parkinsonisms, with an especial interest in REM sleep behavior disorder and olfaction. She is also involved in projects investigating cognitive and brain changes in post-COVID syndrome. Since 2015 she has been working as a clinical neuropsychologist at the Associació de Parkinson del Maresme.
She joined the Memory Unit as a postdoctoral Margarita Salas researcher in 2023.